graham's bluff called

i found Taste for the Web most excellent probably not even though, but because i didn't get the joke until the last paragraph. i wonder if the sexist point of view in Dabblers and Blowhards is also meant to be funny.

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libérez l@ musique!

Voici le texte de l'appel lancé par le Nouvel Observateur pour protester contre la répression qui touche les adeptes de peer to peer (P2P).

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what happened to good old sexism?

The Manifesto of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn introduces you to everything you need to know, except to how exactly misspelling 'magic' and interacting like members of a fascist student league are supposed to bring about supreme enligthenment.

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shut up and write

maciej ceglowski has put up a manifesto that is definitely worth reading there.

But before you jump on the audioblogging bandwagon, remember this - the power of the Web is the power to choose. You make your own trails, and
your own links. You read what you like and skip the boring bits. And audioblogging takes that power of choice away. Your listeners become a passive audience - they have no power to skim, they can't skip the boring parts, they can't link or excerpt your post effectively. Your post becomes invisible to Google and other search engines. And anyone who has a hearing problem, or a dialup account, or doesn't speak your language too well, anyone who is trying to surf your site from the office, or from an Internet cafe - well, they're just plain out of luck.

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got something to hide?

A Cypherpunk's Manifesto was written by cypherpunk Eric Hughes in 1993.

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ideological freeware: distribute at will

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i haven't read this yet

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Not Sassy

I'm still unsure wheter I like The SASSI Manifesto.

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sesquidirectional whereas the second largest
cause of lost productivity is fiddling with printer drivers.
by nex (5/6/11, 2:32 PM)
Niilo Nönnönnöö, HETU: 715517 The
odd thing about brain washing is that the less of...
by nex (1/14/08, 1:55 PM)
Rocky Mountain Alpenglow Religion is
the logic of idiots.
by nex (12/31/07, 8:14 PM)
It's The Ninja's Nunchucks. I
can't tell you why, since I haven't found out what...
by nex (12/7/07, 12:22 AM)
Instant Personality Processor The 7
signs of ugly hair: It is ugly It is repulsive...
by nex (11/17/07, 12:56 AM)
Abusus Non Tollit Usum Dirty
as in beer, not as in speech.
by nex (11/13/07, 4:19 AM)
Morning After Small Talk I
don't want you to be no slave. I don't want...
by nex (10/8/07, 5:18 PM)
Frustrated Total Internal Reflection Does
'woking' also encompass the situation when you just opened a...
by nex (9/16/07, 2:55 PM)
Bible Wiki Magic is anything
you can see working without knowing how it works. Lack...
by nex (9/4/07, 12:27 PM)
Literate Programming for Robots You
can judge the quality of a random number generator by...
by nex (8/9/07, 8:31 AM)
Quantum Harmonic Oscillator A decrepit
lightbulb can sound like a paging harddisk.
by nex (7/3/07, 3:48 AM)
The Wrath of Grapes Why
would they go after the most badass animals around here?...
by nex (6/29/07, 5:30 AM)
Split Cycle Offset Optimization Technique
I'm a wimp, so please don't hurt me, but do...
by nex (6/13/07, 10:18 PM)
Bearing Straight If I have
seen a little farther, it is by standing on a...
by nex (6/11/07, 5:49 PM)
Running from Sharks Dungeon crawlers
don't have filler, they are filler.
by nex (5/30/07, 10:36 AM)
Arcology There's a fine line
between looking likeable and looking attractive, and Jack is nowhere...
by nex (5/3/07, 9:25 AM)
Shitamachi Every universe, when viewed
as a whole, is a zero-sum game.
by nex (4/18/07, 7:52 AM)
Leakage Leo, copper hasn't been
an 'advanced material' since the Bronze Age.
by nex (4/12/07, 3:54 AM)
Fallible Guillotine Yes, it is
organised. In the sense in which anarchy is a form...
by nex (4/6/07, 12:09 AM)
Crispy Goo I once collected
ephemera, but it got old really quickly.
by nex (3/15/07, 5:22 PM)
Simple, Yet Defective You can't
hold it for more than 24 hours without charging it...
by nex (3/11/07, 11:20 PM)
It's just something I say
Peter's earlier projects were great, but a bit boring. The...
by nex (3/6/07, 2:52 PM)
Innocent Ivan Caution: Tiger poison
baits in this area. Cook bananas before consumption.
by nex (3/1/07, 6:58 AM)
Corn Dawg Plus, he can
do pair programming by himself.
by nex (2/22/07, 12:21 AM)
Hedcut A free market in
the states? I think it would be a good idea.
by nex (2/14/07, 7:31 PM)

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